Monday, 28 July 2014

Hello Kitty Cake

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s because of something really exciting – we bought a townhouse! I’ve been busy moving and redecorating. We’re into a rustic industrial theme for the main part of the house and have been completely engrossed with finding the right pieces. It’s been fun (Right J???)!

Along with the townhouse came a gas convection oven. I’ve only used an electrical oven in the past and heard great things about convection, so I was really excited about trying it out. Um…frustrating!! I can’t get the hang it! Nothing is working! Previous recipes are completely failing! This can’t be happening! As though I don’t have enough confidence-shattering fails as it is!

Enter: My friend’s daughter’s first birthday – Hello Kitty themed. I decided/was asked to make a Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes. I started baking the night before, and of course I had to make each twice because the first ones failed miserably, and the second batch wasn’t quite like when I had baked them before, but were acceptable. 

Anyways, if you’re on good terms with your oven because you know how it works, or if you’ve just moved and want to test your oven-relationship, and want to make a Hello Kitty cake, here are some pieces that I used.

Check out this video for decorating the cake:
I used this recipe for the cake:
*I used 2, 9-inch cake pans and made sure the stencil was large enough
I used this recipe for the Italian meringue frosting:
I used chocolate covered almonds for eyes, a stencil and pink sanding sugar for the bow, and strawberry Pocky for the whiskers.

I also made cupcakes and strawberry Rice Crispy Treats for the Hello Kitty birthday party. I halved the cake recipe to make 12 cupcakes and made the following frosting:

Strawberry Lemon Frosting
1 cup butter, softened
4 cups icing sugar
3 Tablespoons seedless strawberry jam
½ teaspoon lemon extract (I used LorAnne)
2-4 Tablespoon cream (depending on how soft you want it)

Combine all ingredients and beat until fluffy. 
Pipe using a 2D or 1M tip, starting from the center of the cupcake. 

Verdict: Luckily, everyone enjoyed the cake and cupcakes! I personally really liked the flavour of the frosting – it reminded me of a Japanese candy that I had when I was a kid. We topped the cupcakes with Hello Kitty figurines. The Hello Kitty cake actually turned out! Loved the Pocky whiskers – an idea I got from friend who made a similar cake!

The birthday girl just went for it, but in a polite sort of way – she just grabbed at the edge of the ear. What a cutie!

Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats recipe to come soon.


  1. Oh my I so so love Hello Kitty because she's a cat and she's a theme of PINK! <3 I am so fond of this character that makes me compile stuffs of her like wallpapers and just lately I started a collection of party ideas and these Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes are awesome. I am just so happy I could pick some from your site. Credits will be added dear!
    God bless!