Thursday, 3 April 2014

Whipped Frosting with Raspberry

Remember all those fails I was encountering? Getting closer, but still not there. This cake was better than this one, but still a bit dense and chewy. But I found a new great frosting!

I’ve been hesitant about using whipped cream in cakes because it droops with time. But I got my hands on some whipped cream stabilizer to keep it nice and stiff! There are a bunch of tricks floating around out there for stabilizing whipped cream – cornstarch, gelatin, marshmallow, mascarpone, draining, just to name a few. I’m not sure what’s in this stabilizer, but I suspect it’s cornstarch…

Anyways, this is my new favorite frosting because it’s so easy to make and use. No butter bring to room temperature and cream, no egg whites to heat. Just whip up with some icing sugar and you’re done.  PLUS, it’s not too sweet or heavy or rich!

Whipped Frosting with Raspberry
1 ½ cups whip/heavy cream
1 ½ Tablespoon stabilizer
¼ cup icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Pinch of salt
Jar of raspberry jam
*tip: place metal bowl in freezer before making frosting

1.    In a chilled metal bowl, whip the cream with a whisk attachment to soft peaks.
2.    Add stabilizer and whisk to blend.  Add sprinkle icing sugar, vanilla, and salt and beat to stiff peaks. Do not over beat.
3.    Line a piping bag with jam and add whipped cream. Don’t fill all the way – you’ll need to refill in batches because the jam runs out pretty quickly.
4.    Cover entire cake with a thin layer of whipped cream. I skipped this step because I was lazy, but you’ll definitely want to do this.
5.    Pipe roses (I used a 1M tip) ideally equally spaced apart and not overlapping. Fill in gaps with a smaller star tip.

Rose piping is the easiest decorating technique ever and even when your roses aren’t identical, the overall effect of the cake is pretty. I think has the highest prettiness to difficulty ratio, or to put it another way, the most bang for the (little) effort.

Anyways, back to recipe testing!


  1. Hi Erica,

    Is there a product that is actually labeled "stabilizer"? I've heard of the gelatin, cornstartch etc methods but purchasing a specifically labeled stabilizer would be awesome! Where did you get it?


    1. Hi Heidi, I got mine at a place called Scoop & Save in Langley BC, Canada, but Dr. Oetker Whip It sounds like the same thing. Not sure if you can find this in a store near you, but you can find it on Amazon: