Sunday, 26 August 2012

Baking Fails Part 2

More baking fails.

1.  Mango Passion Fruit Squares
These squares turned out good, but I included them in the Fails category because they weren't anything like what I envisioned.  I wanted lemon squares, but mango and passion fruit instead. I used jam and mango puree, but as often happens with mango, the flavor doesn't come through after baking unless you include flavoring.  On the plus side, the Ritz crust was AMAZING, and I'll definitely be using it again!

2. Apple Sharlotka
I tried making this because they looked so good here.  However, when I tried to "healthy" it up by using spelt flour and coconut sugar, the result was a dense rubbery fail. 

3. Pecan Toffee Butter Cake
This cake originally used a yellow cake box base, but I used a butter pecan flavored box cake and sprinkled toffee bits on top.  It was just too gooey - the topping was nearly all liquid.  My friends liked it, but I think that it needed to be a lot more firm.

4. Chocolate Macarons with Speculoos Butter
Another macaron fail.  I want to blame the lack of skin that formed before baking due to my new humid apartment, but who knows.  The filling was cookie butter, aka speculoos cookie butter, aka Bicoff butter, aka Teddy Grahams (you remember Teddy Grahams, right?) that have been creamed into a butter.  Delish!  Actually, the macarons tasted good, but not the right texture or aesthetics.

Sigh.  Hopefully better luck next time!

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