Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wedding Desserts Part 2 – Cupcakes

Wedding Desserts Part 1 was about the cake I made for my friend Joanne’s wedding.  This post is about the cupcakes that I made for her guests.  As the cake was chocolate and vanilla, so were the cupcakes.  Instead of doing the usual swirl frosting, I decided to hand pipe hydrangeas.  Thank goodness her bridesmaids helped me with the piping! I had baked the cupcakes a few weeks in advance, and froze them, so they just needed to be frosted.  We had a piping assembly line:  Charlene unwrapped the cupcakes (and was the motivation cheerleader), Gabbie and I piped the hydrangeas, and Tina piped the centers on the hydrangeas and placed them in the boxes.  It took 3 hours and ended in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but we were happy to have contributed to our friend’s special day! We were then off to celebrate Joanne’s final night as a single girl – and what an interesting night that was!

Check out the verdict at the end of the post!

The vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were made from the same recipe as the cake, posted here.  I ended up making 3 batches of the chocolate and 2 batches of the vanilla to make 150 cupcakes and the cake.

Buttercream frosting
The recipe for the buttercream frosting was the same as the cake, found here.  I doubled the recipe by 6 to cover the cupcakes and the cake.

I coloured a ½ cup of the frosting as a darker yellow, and 1/3 of the rest of the frosting as a yellow-ish green.

Hydrangea frosting
Fill 1/3 of the frosting bag with green frosting, and 2/3 of the bag with white.
Add a tip #104.
See this video for the frosting technique (starting from 6:09). Add yellow dots to the center of each flower using tip #3.

Piping hydrangeas

Piping the centers

Verdict: They turned out beautiful!  Very pretty when all the cupcakes were displayed together.  150 was the perfect amount for 140 guests, with a few left over to send them home with!

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